This email has been received from the Rev Asayiwe in Malawi

I am sorry to inform you that COVID-19 is still highly increasing in Malawi and lipmhasa presbytery is not spared. Many people are in great fear to attend community gatherings including Church activities.
 This has resulted into:
( a) drop out in Church services attendance
( b)low  income collection in the Church due to poor giving since Church attendance is low and this has caused a big problem in our six congregations in the presbytery to meet all required programs of the Church hence  all congregations in limphasa have accumulated huge balances of money on the presbytery share and synod share.
This has resulted into a great challenge for the presbytery to pay stipends and salaries to its ministers and presbytery workers respectively.
Church programs are now at a stand still in limphasa, ministers and their families experiencing tough times as we on depend on stipends after good collection and enough collection from congregations.
Truly speaking things are not moving this time here.
(c) very few individual Church members and vestries are able to buy COVID-19 prevention materials like masks,hand sanitizers, hand washing plastic pails in their homes the large number of our Church members are very poor and can not manage securing such materials hence at high risks to get the disease.
Remember us in your prayers.
God be with you as you share our situation to members of the Church there in Scotland.
 Rev. Asayiwe - Presbytery Clerk.

The presbytery is appealing for cash to aid Malawi.  If you wish to donate this can be done online using the following information.

Sort Code              80-09-88

Account number    00931213

Reference             C-19 Malawi